Before contacting maintenance or submitting a maintenance ticket, please note the following:

  • Per lease agreement, tenants are responsible for

    • light bulb replacement

    • changing your furnace filters at least every three months

    • replace batteries in the smoke detectors

    • washer and dryer repair or replacements

    • pest care after 30 days of occupancy

  • Please direct all calls to the maintenance phone number or submit a maintenance ticket 7 days a week. If the call is not answered please leave a detailed message or email In the event of a true emergency, please contact (302) 660-5018. 

    • Emergency Situations include:

      • Fire (please call 9-1-1 first) 

      • Any police, fire or ambulance presence at the unit)

      • Flood or Exterior Water Intrusion

      • No heat or hot water